Building on Bitcoin, part two: Sidechains, Wrapped Bitcoin

The Sidechain approach Sidechains are separate blockchains attached to Bitcoin’s main chain through various mechanisms. Sidechains have a protocol of their own and run on different nodes than the parent chain, but they do not issue a native token. Instead, sidechains work with a “pegged” asset, essentially a stablecoin to the parent chain’s native asset. … Read more

Building on Bitcoin, part one: Base layer and the Lightning Network

In our previous article, we analyzed the layered structure of monetary instruments throughout history and explained why it makes sense also for Bitcoin to develop in this fashion. In this two-part series, we will further analyze Bitcoin from a technical/developer perspective. In the first part, we will take a look at various scaling methods and … Read more

Bitcoin: a layered evolution of money

Bitcoin is expanding its use cases in hierarchical layers – a development that we can witness in history with other forms of money. We’ve all heard the common criticism of Bitcoin: its transaction throughput is only four transactions per second, making it unable to compete with Visa, PayPal, and other global payment networks capable of … Read more

NYDIG: Making Bitcoin Accessible via Regular Banking Accounts

NYDIG has recently announced that bitcoin will be coming to hundreds of US banks later this year. It’s potentially surprising news, given that anything bitcoin-related remains untouchable in many parts of the world. But the US banking environment has been making giant strides in its acceptance of bitcoin, and it seems the time is right … Read more

Strike: Disrupting the remittance payments via Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Strike is a phenomenal application merging fintech and bleeding-edge Bitcoin tech. Strike’s remittance trial in El Salvador paves the way for the future of remittance payments, effectively driving the cost of sending cross-border payments to zero. Bitcoin the network and bitcoin the asset Bitcoin is usually perceived as the thing that goes up (or down) … Read more

What we love about Cardano (a technical analysis)

It is no secret that here at Vacuumlabs we are enthusiasts about crypto in general, and the Cardano network in particular. We have been actively involved in developing the Yoroi wallet (which stores your Cardano currency, Ada), as well as our own AdaLite wallet. In this article, we’ll give you a breakdown of what we … Read more

Bitcoin at the Tipping Point: Highlights from the Citi GPS Report

A well-researched study First of all, the Citi GPS study is very well researched and written. Gone are the times of Bitcoin being called “fraud” or “rat poison squared” by major banks’ CEOs and celebrity investors. Citi’s report was written by a team of six professionals that know their subject matter. Moreover, the team consulted … Read more

Introducing AdaLite, pet project turned successful spin-off company

The Cardano blockchain was launched in the autumn of 2017, as one of the most anticipated and best-funded “3rd generation” blockchain projects, following in the wake of the Ethereum success. And while our focus at Vacuumlabs was on building Fintech solutions, we were following the crypto space with great interest. We were playing with crypto, … Read more