Liquidity protocol ADAX launched on Cardano mainnet, several dApps in pipeline

Blockchain network Cardano is hitting back at criticism for its lack of development activity since smart contract integration was first launched last year. This is not through words, but an acceleration in decentralized application (dApp) development on the platform. The latest to join Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem is ADAX, as the decentralized exchange announced its mainnet … Read more

How Cardano is evolving its smart contract infrastructure ahead of dApp launches

Cardano is fueling considerable buzz in the cryptocurrency space once again. Courtesy of not just its native token ADA, which rallied by 36.8% over the past week, but also the developments surrounding its evolving ecosystem. As decentralized applications (dApps) finally begin to launch on the smart contract platform, its developers are working towards strengthening its … Read more

Cardano’s UTXO smart contract model to be middle ground between Ethereum, Bitcoin

2021 was a monumental year for the Cardano network with the introduction of smart contracts. IOHK founder, Charles Hoskinson believes the new year will be of prime importance in strengthening its decentralized application (dApp) infrastructure. He laid out an ambitious roadmap for Cardano this year in a recent video on dApps and development. Hoskinson stressed … Read more