What is the difference between decentralized and distributed blockchain?

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Feb 28 · 10 min read · Right at the beginning of this article, I can tell you that most blockchain networks are both decentralized and distributed. So why make a distinction between the two terms? Moreover, when their definitions partially overlap each other. The two provide different functions. Understanding them will … Read more

Is Bitcoin still antifragile?

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Nov 4 · 16 min read · It’s healthy to constantly question the narrative. We must constantly question whether what was true a few years ago is still true in light of new events. It is treacherous to freeze in the past and insist on something that has not been true for … Read more

Blockchain will allow us to own our identity

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Nov 1 · 11 min read · Modern blockchain networks allow you to create your own digital identity. You can own your identity through a blockchain wallet, similar to how you own coins and tokens. Wallets will be integrated with self-sovereign identity (SSI) platforms (DID platforms) which use blockchains as a Public … Read more

How profitable is Cardano staking compared to Bitcoin holding

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Sep 7 · 1 min read · There is a major difference between holding ADA and BTC coins, as Cardano allows staking. Each ADA holder receives regular rewards for working for the network. These accumulate over time so that the user has more and more coins. What role does this play in … Read more

Myth-busting: the physical world is not a problem for Cardano

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Aug 28 · 8 min read · People live in a physical world and all financial interactions are built on trust. When trust is broken, the legal system is the solution for the victims. Blockchain is and always will be connected to the physical world. TLDR A transactional blockchain network cannot ensure … Read more

Why Cardano

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Jun 13 · 23 min read In June 2022, I was invited to speak about Cardano at the UTXO cryptocurrency conference in Prague. I thought about what I would tell people and chose the history of the project and its mission. This article was inspired by my PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to … Read more

Get more by keeping ADA coins in your own wallet

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Apr 7 · 10 min read Every ADA coin should be in your own wallet. This is the only way to fully utilize the potential of the Cardano ecosystem. Staking on the exchanges is not only dangerous, it deprives you of many opportunities that can benefit you and, by extension, the entire … Read more

ISPO is a novelty way in fundraising on Cardano

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Mar 24 · 13 min read Fundraising has a long history in the cryptocurrency world, and probably everyone has seen or heard about the ICO mania around 2017. We have seen many attempts to improve this area. Cardano has come up with an ISPO concept that is definitely worth your attention. TLDR: … Read more

What does it mean for Cardano to be a platform?

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Just now·21 min read Cardano has entered the Goguen era in 2021 with it becoming a smart contracts platform. This brings many benefits and the potential is tremendous, but it requires some caution from users. Let’s explain what the platform is and what it means for users. TLDR: A platform is a … Read more

SundaeSwap DEX prepares for launch

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Just now·5 min read Many teams are building DEX on Cardano. SundaeSwap is definitely one of the more visible projects. On Sunday 5th December, SundaeSwap will be launched on test-net. Let’s take a closer look at the project. Meet SundaeSwap The project’s homepage says: SundaeSwap is a native, scalable decentralized exchange and … Read more