Matrixswap Whitelist and Allocations

CardStarter Just now·5 min read Congratulations to everyone who properly registered and provided KYC to participate in Matrixswap! IDO Event opens up in under 18 hours! Friday, September 10th @ 3PM UTC The IDO pool for the Matrixswap IDO is $250,000 The IDO price for Matrixswap is $0.10 If you had an Incomplete KYC To … Read more

How to Participate in Matrixswap IDO

CardStarter Just now·3 min read Matrixswap Registration Dates The registration window will be open for 96 hours, from Friday, September 3rd @ 8am PST/3:00pm UTC to September 7th @ 8am PST/3:00pm UTC Step 1 — Staking To register for Matrixswap you must have a tier qualifying number of CARDS staked. Please read our most recent … Read more