Getting Symbiotic with Symbiosis

Occam_PR Apr 11 · 3 min read The OccamX team is happy to announce our partnership with Symbiosis — a powerful, cross-chain liquidity transfer engine. This incredible partnership will allow the seamless flow of liquidity to, and from OccamX — using Symbiosis’s advanced order routing technology over the Milkomeda network. What our community can expect … Read more

OCX LM Campaign 101 and Why You Should Fasten Your Seatbelts

Occam_PR Apr 4 · 5 min read We are proud to announce the start of our huge liquidity mining campaign. The OccamX team is committed to incentivizing our valued liquidity providers fairly, and minimize their exposure to the inherent risks involved with this otherwise highly lucrative DeFi mechanism. Our highly anticipated mining campaign will begin … Read more

How the WingRiders team saved MinSwap from being hacked (CRDNS pool) Mar 29 · 8 min read In mid-September 2021there was an Alonzo hard fork. In March 2022, the first major hack on the decentralized exchange MinSwap could have occurred, but thanks to the vigilance and professionalism of the WingRiders team, it did not. What happened MinSwap is a decentralized AMM exchange running … Read more