DeFire: Slow burn, to inferno!

deFIREwriter Jun 13 · 3 min read Stoking the flames DeFire is building something truly special — a DEX aggregator that will simplify the way we swap tokens on Milkomeda, and revolutionize the way our DEX partners interact with our technology. We released a tech update in June regarding our incredible ‘order flow farming’, and … Read more

Getting Symbiotic with Symbiosis

Occam_PR Apr 11 · 3 min read The OccamX team is happy to announce our partnership with Symbiosis — a powerful, cross-chain liquidity transfer engine. This incredible partnership will allow the seamless flow of liquidity to, and from OccamX — using Symbiosis’s advanced order routing technology over the Milkomeda network. What our community can expect … Read more