How to participate in OccamRazer BSC IDOs

Occam_PR Nov 29 · 3 min read To alleviate the gas issues connected with the utilization of the Ethereum blockchain, has decided to enable BSC IDOs. In other words — the OccamRazer launchpad is now fully compatible for a full execution of IDOs on BSC! That means OccamRazer users are now able to participate … Read more

SAVAGE NFT-based Content Marketplace to hold IDO on OccamRazer

Occam_PR Nov 29 · 2 min read SAVAGE, the world’s first stock image content marketplace that allows professional and everyday creators to easily, fairly, and ethically monetize their content, will make it’s $SAVG token available through an IDO debut on OccamRazer on Dec. 15, 2021. The marketplace, focused primarily on photographers and videographers, provides a … Read more

Cardano NFT Trading Card Game Duelist King to Launch IDO on OccamRazer

Occam_PR Oct 8 · 3 min read Duelist King, one of the first blockchain-powered games to build for Cardano, will launch through an IDO on the OccamRazer launchpad on the 21st October 2021. Duelist King is a democratized NFT card game, with all decisions made on the card issuance, distribution, and allocation of game proceeds … Read more

How to connect your MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain for YouClout’s IDO

Occam_PR Oct 4 · 4 min read YouClout IDO tokens will be distributed on the BSC network, similar to the XP.Network IDO. The funding part of the YouClout IDO will be completed utilizing the standard procedure (in ETH) that has been followed for all previous IDOs hosted on’s platform. For those who don’t know, … Read more

Open Rights Exchange (ORE) to IDO through the OccamRazer Launchpad

Occam_PR Sep 29 · 3 min read ZUG, 29th SEPTEMBER 2021 — Open Rights Exchange, a purpose-built blockchain optimized for managing secure identities and digital assets across multiple blockchains, will make its $ORE token IDO debut through the OccamRazer decentralized launchpad. The Open Rights Exchange (ORE), built and developed by the Open Rights (OR) Foundation, … Read more

OccamRazer Technical Update, October 2021

Occam_PR Sep 15 · 8 min read This is a deep-dive technical update for the beginning of October 2021, six months after the initial launch of the ecosystem. Half a year has gone quickly, and we have a huge list of updates for our community following your feedback in our first mid-year review. Changes … Read more Partners with COTI to Explore Strategic Co-Development Initiatives

Among other synergies, the partnership will explore bringing $ADA Payments to the OccamRazer Launchpad Occam_PR Sep 13 · 3 min read ZUG, 13TH SEPTEMBER 2021 — COTI, the first company in the world to offer a Cardano (ADA) payment gateway in association with the Cardano Foundation, will partner with to explore potential development synergies … Read more

Möbius Finance IDO Date

Occam_PR Sep 13 · 3 min read The Occam Association is pleased to welcome Möbius Finance as IDO partners on the OccamRazer platform, with their IDO commencing on the 24th of September 2021! More information will soon follow. Read the original release below to learn more about Möbius Finance. Möbius Finance delivers a decentralized trading … Read more

Solving What Satoshi Couldn’t Solve

Charles Hoskinson recently said that concurrency, and smart contracts on a UTXO model, was the problem ‘Satoshi couldn’t solve’. Here, we look at the history behind this decade-old debate. Occam_PR Sep 6 · 14 min read September 12th is going to be an eventful day in the cryptocurrency industry. It will turn what was supposed … Read more