Here’s why investors’ sentiments are all over the place when it comes to altcoins

With crypto prices shooting off in unexpected directions, it’s not a surprise that investors’ sentiments are in a muddle. In fact, even the usual Bitcoin versus alt coin dynamic didn’t seem to be steady as feelings were growing more and more fragmented. Getting your fill of feelings Keeping Bitcoin’s price in mind, Santiment’s positive/negative sentiment … Read more

Cardano briefly surpasses Ethereum’s transaction volumes, thanks to…

Cardano‘s native token ADA has been creating wonders on its price chart lately, despite the slump that the larger market is experiencing. The cryptocurrency has gained around 32.5% in valuation over the past week, compared to the leading Bitcoin’s mere 2% gain. Interestingly, ADA’s price gain has been accompanied by a surge in its transaction … Read more

Cardano introduces ERC-20 converter testnet with AI tokens for trial

ERC-20 tokens have been going places for some time now. However, at this point in time, they’re a step closer to going native on Cardano. At press time, the sixth-biggest blockchain by market cap had some big news to share, courtesy of its developer arm IOHK. Time for a test Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson revealed … Read more

‘Expressiveness of Ethereum, attack surface of Bitcoin,’ does Cardano have it all

Ethereum has been at the forefront of the boom in the DeFi sector. However, the Bitcoin community believes that with innovation unlocking on the blockchain, it is turning out to be a competitor to existing players. ShapeShift’s Erik Voorhees recently replied to tweets by these Bitcoin supporters who argued in favor of its dominance in … Read more

This makes Cardano ‘literally most anticipated’ smart contract platform in blockchain space

Ever since Cardano deployed smart contract integration earlier this year, the network has been buzzing with on-boarded projects and development from the community. Its native token ADA has also grown significantly during this time owing to its increased uses cases amongst creators and developers building on the network. One of the key areas Cardano has … Read more

Fees on the Cardano network (CRDNS pool) Just now·21 min read A fees system on public blockchain networks is a big topic. Different projects have their own strategies. We will provide a basic overview. Then, we explain different points of view in this article with respect to the present and future of fees on Cardano. Why fees are important … Read more

‘Ethereum Killers’ – Are they still worth talking about

Bitcoin and Ethereum are never compared when functionality is taken into consideration. The sole difference comes down to Ethereum’s smart contracts feature. However, every other project which has smart contracts, one time or the other, has been deemed an Ethereum killer. The trend began back in 2018 during the ICO boom when EOS was considered … Read more

This novel idea makes Cardano, Ethereum akin to sovereign ‘nation-states’

Soundwise Founder Natasha Che recently compared Layer 1 chains to “new nation-states” on a Twitter thread. In the context of this novel idea, she explained that it’s like smart contract users can “hold multiple passports without having to give up the old one.” Curiously, investment Strategist Raoul Pal seemed to agree with her. He commented, … Read more

Here’s how Ethereum, Cardano offer a chance to ‘own the future’

Despite Cardano’s weak price action over the past week, its new partnerships are garnering renewed interest. Recently, the network forayed its digital focus to Africa. After signing a deal with the Ethiopian government earlier this year, Cardano signed another Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Burundi government. This was while Ethiopia-based Atala Prism management solution … Read more

Is it time to re-evaluate Cardano’s position in your portfolio

Unpopular opinions are a commonality in the digital asset space. Crypto-communities often disagree on the question of evaluating a new rising project. There is a better consensus with respect to projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, however. In the following article, we will be evaluating the latter and understand why its time in the … Read more