Cardano’s Africa: An early adopter, an experiment, or more of the ‘C’ word?

Crypto loves to travel. But, far from just surfacing at flashy fintech festivals, blockchains have now reached the world’s most unbanked countries and territories. For instance, El Salvador was on the map long before the country adopted Bitcoin, thanks to the El Zonte “Bitcoin Beach.” However, El Salvador’s Bitcoin launch day was marked by protests. … Read more

Expansion of Cardano in Africa is a ‘chance to design new systems,’ says IOHK CTO

After Cardano’s Alonzo upgrade which introduced smart contract capabilities, and the success of the high-profile Cardano Summit, more players – both in and out of the crypto sector – have their eyes on the third biggest blockchain by market cap. In a recent interview, IOHK CTO Romain Pellerin spoke to Thinking Crypto host Tony Edward … Read more

How Cardano can help in Ethiopia, El Salvador and other developing countries Just now·13 min read Why did these countries have to wait for blockchain? First and foremost, we need to understand why blockchain technology is making a difference and why poor countries have failed to build a financial and social infrastructure similar to what we know in Western countries. To some extent, this is a…

Cardano can change Africa Apr 30·7 min read Technology is valuable only when it is adopted and used for solving real issues. A public network can be adopted by individuals but it does not mean that an institution or even government cannot decide to use it as well. It has happened. Ethiopia decided to adopt Cardano. About Ethiopia … Read more