Treasury V1 — Development Update

As we are getting closer to the launch of the Treasury, we wanted to give you an update on the development progress and what has been accomplished so far. COTI’s Treasury is an algorithmic pool of $COTI that enables users to deposit $COTI and get token rewards for their participation. The Treasury pool grows over … Read more

COTI — Catalyst Update:

COTI Dec 8 · 2 min read It has been an exciting few weeks for Project Catalyst, and we are pleased to share some updates and provide some next steps. The main objective of Project Catalyst is to encourage innovation by providing the right mentorship, guidance, and resources that are essential to long-term success. As … Read more

COTI Partners with ADA Handle

COTI Dec 15 · 2 min read We are happy to announce our new partnership with ADA Handle, an NFT-powered naming solution for the Cardano wallet address! Our ADA Pay gateway solution is one of the first necessary steps in bringing ADA to the masses, making it quick and easy for anyone to send ADA … Read more

What if everyone is a FinTech? — The meteoric rise of embedded finance

Embedded finance is about taking products that are traditionally thought of as being banking services — such as checking accounts, loans, insurance and more — and abstracting them into a service package that any company can offer as an additional revenue stream to their customer base. Soon enough, nearly every aspect of traditional banking will become … Read more

Congratulations to all of our community members that have successfully completed registration and…

CardStarter May 25·4 min read DeFinity IDO Congratulations to all of our community members that have successfully completed registration and KYC for DeFinity! Wild Card Singles — 589.68 DEFX Tokens Wild Card Deuces — 1179.36 DEFX Tokens Wild Card Trips — 1179.36 DEFX Tokens Jacks — 1179.36 DEFX Tokens Queens — 3538.08 DEFX Tokens Kings … Read more

Will there be an ORCA token?

Orca Mar 2·5 min read Since we launched Orca last Thursday, we’ve already been over-WHALE-med by the positive response from the community. (For those of you who already saw this pun on Twitter: We’re sorry. 🐳) Thank you for all the love and support! Unsurprisingly, the number one thing you want to know is: “Will … Read more

How Cardano could fast-track financial inclusion in emerging economies

Cardano Foundation Jan 6 · 6 min read (Written by @ElliotHill of the Cardano Foundation) As blockchain technology supporters, we often get excited about the potential for financial and social disruption through decentralization. From democratizing access to identity solutions, to providing access to capital through decentralized finance (DeFi), we regularly look for ways that blockchain … Read more