Dungeons & Dragons Backtracks on NFT Ban After Community Backlash

Wizards of the Coast, the publisher behind Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), will not ban NFTs and associated products from its platform. The move follows strong backlash from its tabletop gaming community. The announcement comes after weeks of contemplation as the entity sought to protect its intellectual property from being exploited by big business and third … Read more

Portal Fantasy: Gameplay and P2E Mechanics

The pixel adventure RPG game Portal Fantasy is the brainchild of a team with many years of gaming experience gained at companies like Nintendo, Disney, and Facebook and on titles like Assassin’s Creed and Tropico. The team has a data-driven approach to tokenomics and is led by Kasei, who also founded a cryptocurrency algorithmic trading company.  Portal Fantasy is … Read more

Emergent Games Announces Resurgence on IMX 

ImmutableX has added another major Web3 game to add to its growing collection of gems. Enter Resurgence, by Emergent Games!  The latest Web3 gaming sensation Resurgence is coming to ImmutableX (IMX). Games developer Emergent Games announced IMX as its blockchain of choice for the Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) RPG game. [embedded content] Ian Hambleton, Emergent’s … Read more

Stack Sats for Playing Chess

Any good at chess? Whether you’re a chess master or a chess newb, there’s a new incentive to play the classic game of strategy: Earn Bitcoin for playing! Play-to-earn (P2E) games are becoming increasingly popular, and offer users a unique way to earn cryptocurrency – by merely having fun. The more you play, the more … Read more

Axie Infinity’s AXS Rallies 40% on Day of Unlock

Gaming giant Axie Infinity’s AXS token price has risen sharply despite the upcoming release of tokens worth millions of dollars. In just the last 24 hours, the token has increased by almost 40%, reaching a four-month high of $13.83 before correcting slightly to a local price of $12.54 at the time of writing. A surge … Read more

When Will Blockchain Gaming Go Mainstream?

Blockchain gaming is a rapidly growing industry that has the potential to revolutionize the way we play video games. As more gamers, developers, and publishers embrace blockchain gaming, it is expected that this market will grow from $4.6 billion in 2020 to an estimated $65 billion by 2027. But when will blockchain gaming go mainstream? … Read more

Junkineering and Spintop Unite to Disrupt P2E

With so many P2E players obsessed with crypto rewards today, the main component seems to be lacking – it’s the gaming fun itself. The good news is that Junkeering is here to change things back to normal. This game with a thrilling narrative, detailed storyline, and PVE/PVP modes is sure to turn the world of … Read more

Gameswift Partners Casper Network to Boost Adoption for Web3 Gaming

Gameswift has begun the new year with some exciting news as they announce a partnership with Casper Network. Casper Network is a decentralized layer-one proof-of-stake blockchain designed to accelerate enterprise and developer adoption of blockchain technology. Casper Network has given GameSwift a financial grant and trusted partner status, cementing this strategic partnership to integrate Casper … Read more

New Projects Aim To Make Web3 Gaming Sustainable

At the height of NFT hype, Web3 gaming stood tallest. However, most of these games relying on the “play to earn” model to incentivize players have proved unsustainable during bear markets. Typically, in-game items such as NFTs, or platform native tokens, are used to reward players for their efforts and time. The only problem is … Read more

How Does Metaverse Drive The Gaming Sector?

Since the beginning of our lives, we’ve been looking for the meaning of life. Then, one morning, we found ourselves looking for a new life. Even though the metaverse is changing every industry with its endless possibilities, this wave of change can be scary at times because it still doesn’t have a clear definition. But … Read more