Immutable X Developer Launch Rewards V2

The Immutable X Developer Launch Rewards program is back with bigger prizes and registrations start today! This program celebrates early-stage NFT collectibles in their journey on Ethereum, powered by Immutable X. In the last round, we celebrated CyberGalz for achieving more than $100,000 NFT L2 trades since their launch on Immutable X. To continue our … Read more Sponsors Cardano Community-led Experiential Virtual Hackathon

Occam_PR Aug 2 · 3 min read The Occam Association is pleased to announce that is the leading sponsor for the upcoming Cardano community-led Experiential virtual hackathon. Organised by ADA MakerSpace, the Experiential hackathon will feature unique challenges and opportunities for Cardano developers, with funds available for challenge winners. The hackathon is also sponsored … Read more

Hack Cardano! Hosted by CardStarter

CardStarter Just now·5 min read The opportunity of challenge: CardStarter Labs is thrilled to announce Hack Cardano! — a hackathon event which gives our community members a chance to gain exclusive access to the Cardstarter Accelerator Program and showcase their projects! This hackathon will be hosted by CardStarter and brings focus to the blossoming ecosystem … Read more

The Occelerator Hackathon Transforms

Occam_PR May 31 · 3 min read On 18th of April, we announced the launch of the Occelerator Hackathon. A way for projects looking to launch on Cardano to gain development insight and funding, Occelerator had many applications from projects both big and small. We were overwhelmed with the response, and we are incredibly excited … Read more

1) Sign up for the Solana Hackathon ☀️ 2) Build on Orca 3) Profit!

Orca May 17·3 min read Orca, the most user-friendly DEX on Solana, is sponsoring $5,000 USD in prizes for the Solana Season Hackathon! ☀️ There are two prizes up for grabs this season:1. $2,500 to the best project that integrates with Orca’s AMM functionality 💰2. $2,500 to the best game/interactive art built on top of … Read more