Instagram Becomes An NFT Marketplace

Meta has opened the door for creators to sell NFTs on Instagram, officially making the platform an NFT marketplace. The social media giant has begun to roll out the necessary features to facilitate the buying and selling of digital collectibles. For now, these features are accessible to only a select group of creators, with many … Read more

Everlens Whitelist and Allocations

CardStarter Just now·5 min read Congratulations to everyone who properly registered and provided KYC to participate in Everlens! Everlens will launch on BSC under the pairing ELEN/BNB IDO Event opens on Monday, November 22nd @ 7AM PST/3PM UTC The IDO pool for the Everlens IDO is $400,000 The IDO price for Everlens is $0.0075 Vesting … Read more

CardStarter Launches Everlens

CardStarter Just now·3 min read Everlens x CardStarter IDO launch Everlens IDO to be held on CardStarter CardStarter, the world’s premier incubator, launchpad, and insurance program for Cardano projects, will launch the IDO for Everlens, the first NFT platform for Instagram. Instagram today is a centralized platform where users post their content and profits are … Read more