Cardano [ADA] holders going long this week should read this

Cardano [ADA] is about to conclude the month on an overall bearish performance despite a promising start. Investors were optimistic that September would at least provide a bullish outcome, especially in light of major developments. However, ADA did at least manage an 18% rally in the first 11 days of the month. It retraced since … Read more

Aada Finance on Track to Become First Lending Protocol to Support Cardano Tokens

Input Output, the company behind Cardano, has announced the launch date for its first lending and borrowing protocol, Aada Finance, on the Cardano blockchain. The launch of V1 will take place on Sept. 13, 2022, and will mark the first time that decentralized finance (DeFi) primitives come to the Cardano blockchain, built on the foundation … Read more

Charles Hoskinson Apologizes to Cardano Stake Pool Community

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has apologized for his approach to claims that the Cardano Testnet is broken, saying that the SPO community is crucial to the network. In a handful of tweets from Aug. 20, Hoskinson described the stake pool operation (SPO) community as the backbone of Cardano while also acknowledging flaws in Cardano infrastructure. Now … Read more

Cardano testnet successfully hard forked but here’s a point of concern

Input Output Global (IOG) had earlier informed members of the Cardano ecosystem of the postponement of the deployment of the network’s Vasil Hard Fork to the testnet. Interestingly, in a Twitter thread on 3 July, IOG confirmed to the community members that it had successfully hard forked the Cardano testnet. Speaking on the next steps, … Read more

As Project Catalyst goes to Africa, is it enough to offset ADA’s fall in price

Of late, Cardano has been enjoying a change of fortune – literally – after months of ADA sliding down the charts and revisiting old resistance levels that bulls hoped would become history. But what do world events, and in particular, Africa, have to do with this? Let’s take a look. This time for Africa Cardano … Read more

Cardano’s February release promises a lot, but will there be more to come

The Cardano network had faced several congestion issues last month when major decentralized applications (dApps) had rolled out on the network. However, it has since shown accelerated efforts towards fixing these scalability issues. It recently revealed a roadmap that is “focused on performance optimization and scalability”. And, it appears to be moving on time, with … Read more

IOHK Confirms Cardano Block Size Increase to Assist Smart Contracts

Cardano is taking its next steps to work on improving its smart contracts and transaction throughput. Sponsored Sponsored Cardano’s Basho upgrade, outlined by co-founder Charles Hoskinson in a video blog earlier this year, is in full swing. One of the announced changes was an increase in block size from 72KB to 80 KB, which will … Read more

Liquidity protocol ADAX launched on Cardano mainnet, several dApps in pipeline

Blockchain network Cardano is hitting back at criticism for its lack of development activity since smart contract integration was first launched last year. This is not through words, but an acceleration in decentralized application (dApp) development on the platform. The latest to join Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem is ADAX, as the decentralized exchange announced its mainnet … Read more

Hoskinson explains why Cardano’s current treasury is not in need of VCs

IOHK chief Charles Hoskinson recently took to Twitter to express optimism regarding the current Cardano treasury. He noted that the project doesn’t need venture investment, adding, “Where we are going, we don’t need VCs because we have already built one of the largest.” Image:Twitter @IOHK_Charles With that being said, Cardano also won the crown of … Read more

Much-awaited SundaeSwap public testnet launch postponed over technical snafu

As the day for SundaeSwap’s much anticipated public testnet launch on Cardano came and went on 5 December, enthusiastic users were greeted with… nothing! Instead, the decentralized exchange’s team informed its followers that the launch has been delayed due to previously unrecognized technical issues, and it should be expected to take place on 6 December, … Read more