Understanding Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain Network.

Polygon, also known as MATIC network, is a cheaper, faster sidechain network built to support the Ethereum blockchain. To understand how a scaling solution like the Polygon sidechain became a necessary invention, we trace the lineage of the MATIC network back to Bitcoin. Bitcoin debuted in 2008 as the father of modern-day cryptocurrencies, and the … Read more

Cardano, Chainlink, MATIC Price Analysis: 19 September

Most altcoins in the market have been consolidating or recording losses over the last 24 hours. Cardano fell by 3% and inched closer to the support line of $2.20. Chainlink also depreciated by 5% and was trading closer to its three-week low price. Lastly, MATIC was seen moving closer to its one-week low price of … Read more

Will MATIC, Chainlink fade in Cardano’s growing shadow

For a couple of weeks, the crypto market has been moving pretty unpredictably, especially for Cardano. The impending corrections did arrive but they did not make much difference to the price action. And ADA specifically moved in the opposite direction of corrections. Over the week it rose significantly, but will its rise end up overshadowing … Read more

Cardano, Uniswap, MATIC Price Analysis: 28 August

Bitcoin and Ethereum’s gains were reflected in the movements of certain altcoins. Cardano claimed a 9.1% surge since yesterday and could target to test the $2.93 price ceiling. Uniswap could topple over immediate resistance of $28.26, and move closer to $31.20. MATIC rose by 5.4% over the previous day but also flashed signs of a … Read more

Dogecoin, XRP, VET, Ravencoin: Which alts present a good buying opportunity

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest cryptocurrencies are the most attractive investments. But with prices touching $46,071 and $3,232, it becomes difficult for everyone to actually invest in them.  So the question is what alternative coins can be the right investment and if their popularity is justifiable based on their performance?  Affordable altcoins? Simply put, … Read more