XCLUSIVERSE is Bringing the Future Closer by Offering Practical Solutions to Businesses

A product of consistent and advanced research, XCLUSIVERSE represents an extended reality that leverages on the wisdom of the future while opening a myriad of opportunities. It is also a leading cross-platform in the world defined by the 5X processes—Xtended Reality Platform, Xclusive Physical & Virtual Products & Services, Xtraordinary People, Xciting Interactions, and Xquisite … Read more

How to Make a Metaverse Trademark Filing and Why

Metaverse development is still in its infancy, but great things are expected from it in the coming years. With this in mind, many high-profile brands have begun filing trademarks in the Metaverse. Overall, it is safe to say that most companies should be looking into how they can initiate filings with the United States Patent … Read more

The Sandbox Game Launches Land Sale Featuring Top Brands And Celebrities 

Top metaverse game Sandbox is launching its land sale today, which features top brands and celebrities. The offer is the first in what will be a three-part LAND sale. And will see collaborations with popular brands such as Tony Hawk, Playboy, and Snoop Dogg.   Sandbox is one of the first platforms to take a crack … Read more

What are immersive NFTs?

Two-dimensional NFT artworks, such as images, music, and videos, still dominate the NFT scene. However, NFTs now extend into the third dimension thanks to immersive technologies like AR and VR.  Immersive NFTs will allow us to create entirely new experiences in the metaverse. This new class of NFTs enables users to interact and engage with content in unexpected … Read more

Enterprise, National and Alamo File in Continued Metaverse Trademark Frenzy

Lost your car in the Metaverse? No worries. Three car hire companies, Alamo, Enterprise and National, have just joined the list of companies to file metaverse trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. According to a recent tweet by the insightful Mike Kondoudis, the filing took place on the 9th of November. The … Read more

Frédéric Chesnais Reveals Plans for New ‘Multiverse’ Platform: AlphaVerse

Founder and CEO of Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI) Frédéric Chesnais speaks to NFT News Today about his new metaverse platform, AlphaVerse, which aims to be the big ‘Alpha’ boy in town – connecting multiple, diverse universes into one large ‘multiverse’.  The much debated term ‘metaverse’ is starting to be wielded in new and exciting ways, … Read more

Apple Plans to Enter The Metaverse With its Own AR/VR Headsets

After years of speculating, there are clear signs that Apple plans to enter the metaverse with its own AR/VR headsets that will feature a 3D video service. According to Mark Gurnman of Bloomberg, the company has listed a video service job for the augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets. The right candidate will assist in building … Read more

How do Digital Twins Relate to the Metaverse?

Digital twins are clones of physical entities. They are exact digital replicas that can also reflect the changes of the underlying entity in the real world because they’re continuously fed with real-time data using integrated sensors and other devices.  Digital twins are integral components of the industry 4.0 revolution. They help engineers, architects, and designers … Read more

INTERPOL’s New Global Police Metaverse

The Metaverse is already here and INTERPOL is taking steps to make our new virtual world safer for all users. You’d be surprised how many organizations are working on the Metaverse. While you mostly hear news about Meta, Unity, and Microsoft, thousands of companies across the world are developing technology that will power the next … Read more