DeFire: MVP Released!

deFIREwriter Nov 23 · 3 min read The Arrival After many long months building in silence the DeFire team is proud to announce that our MVP is finally here, ready to be used by users! After seeing the viability of Milkomeda and the way in which liquidity and users could flow from other networks onto … Read more

Inevitable synthesis: OccamRazer joins Milkomeda’s expanding universe

Occam_PR Apr 5 · 3 min read We are thrilled to announce that the OccamRazer platform will be integrating with the Milkomeda ecosystem. Our strong relationship with the Milkomeda team has endured since the early days of its inception, and together we have come a long way on the journey to create our cutting-edge platforms … Read more

Cardano’s Project Catalyst allocates funds to dcSpark for improving ecosystem

Cardano’s Project Catalyst is a matter of some intrigue: a decentralized fund of about $1 billion meant to be voted upon and allocated to those with proposals to improve the Cardano ecosystem. On 29 October, an ecosystem builder announced that not one, but all of its proposals, had been funded thanks to Catalyst. Change is … Read more