Charli3: new integrator, NMKR

Charli3 Sep 1 · 2 min read NMKR NFT platform and ecosystem to integrate Charli3 Oracle feeds and explore Smart NFT creation. NMKR platform aims to provide an internal trading mechanism on their platform where you can swap out different tokens as payment for NFTs. Accuracy in the price data of these tokens is paramount … Read more

Myth-busting: the physical world is not a problem for Cardano (CRDNS pool) Aug 28 · 8 min read · People live in a physical world and all financial interactions are built on trust. When trust is broken, the legal system is the solution for the victims. Blockchain is and always will be connected to the physical world. TLDR A transactional blockchain network cannot ensure … Read more

Charli3 — Update : post Nomad Hack

Charli3 Aug 2 · 3 min read The Nomad bridge hack in the mid evening of August 1st surprised us all. A flurry of worry and emotions hit many communities upon hearing the news that the projects they support and have invested in may be in danger. However, communication has been at the forefront of … Read more

Charli3 Development Updates 7/3/22

Charli3 Mar 7 · 1 min read Charli3 TECH: Finished Setup an end-to-end integration test connecting API, backend, and C3 contract on private testnet Automated creation of node, wallet, chain-index, and PAB for running contracts with docker-compose Added token authentication to backend API In Progress Setup multiple contracts with different data sources and test simultaneous … Read more

Charli3 Development Updates 2/20/22

Charli3 · Follow Feb 20 · 1 min read Tech: Finished Setup all the cardano components for C3 private testnet for complete decentralization Explored Hydra and Orbis as possible scaling options for C3 contracts Discussed with IOHK’s Hydra team for using Hydra for C3 scaling Tested the end-to-end C3 architecture connecting backend API, data source … Read more

Charli3 Developer updates 11/10/21

Charli3 ·Just now — — 14/10/2021 — — Finished Examined transaction size maximums per-block Created CI/CD workflow for Haskell build and test Implemented add/remove additional Charli3 nodes to aggregator In progress Add functionality to enable/disable aggregators as needed Expand test case suite Examine new options for data consumers to consume oracle outputs

Charli3 Tech Update on Security

Charli3 Just now·2 min read Part of an oracle’s worth is how well the security measures protect against attacks. These attacks come in many different shapes and sizes and can target everything from the smart contracts on the blockchain to the node operators themselves. An important factor of designing a reliable oracle is then to … Read more

Charli3 and Immunify.Life Form Partnership

Charli3 is delighted to announce our partnership with Immunify.Life. Charli3’s oracle services will help Immunify.Life in completing cross-chain transactions, initially ERC20 to CNT (Ethereum to Cardano) and to other chains in the future as both our platforms work towards chain agnosticism. This functional partnership will aid in Immunify.Life’s long-term ambition to increase healthcare effectiveness, to … Read more

Charli3 Enters Data Integration Partnership with GeroWallet

Charli3 5 days ago·2 min read We are proud to announce that CHARLI3, the first decentralized oracle for the Cardano (ADA) network, will be partnering with GeroWallet, Cardano’s first all-in-one wallet, to provide independent insured oracle and aggregation services. As an oracle, CHARLI3 interacts with real world off-chain data streams to allow for integration with … Read more

GeroWallet Partners With Cardano Decentralized Oracle Network CHARLI3

GeroWallet May 27·2 min read Gero x C3 GeroWallet to Integrate Data from CHARLI3 GeroWallet, Cardano’s first all-in-one wallet, designed for ease of use and comprehensive functionality, has formed a partnership with CHARLI3, the first decentralized oracle network for Cardano. Over 90% of blockchains today are striving to solve real world problems. However, blockchains interfacing … Read more