How Vacuumlabs engineers built not one, but two of the most popular Cardano wallets

The success of a cryptocurrency depends on much more than just the core protocol that it’s built on top of. Currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are valuable not only because of the technical innovations at the platform level, but also because of the ecosystem of application developers, corporate users, research bodies, liquidity and staking providers, … Read more

EMURGO’s and Vacuumlabs’ success in delivering Yoroi crypto wallet

Full transcript of this episode is available here. From a passion project to a secure crypto wallet with 170k+ downloads! When Vacuumlabs developers created a web version of a crypto wallet for the Ada cryptocurrency — the currency associated to Cardano — in their free time, they had no idea about the success it would bring. After … Read more

7 characteristics for a successful digital banking partnership in 2021

Over the years, our engineers have worked with long-standing banks, helping them to digitalise their service. Whether it’s world-leading institutions like Standard Chartered and Raiffeisen Bank, or award-winning scale-ups, we’ve seen it all. And often, we’ve found it’s the mindsets, not the machines behind a product’s success. While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula, we’ve identified seven … Read more