Cardano Price Surges; Will ADA Sustain the Price Rise?

This week investors noticed an inflow of money in ADA. Cardano aims to become a third-generation decentralized blockchain platform after Bitcoin and Ethereum. It allows the user to create smart contracts on the platform based on a sustainable ecosystem. Other smart contract blockchains face issues with scalability, and this challenge can be solved by using … Read more

Cardano’s Price Falling Drastically: Is It Time to Sell ADA?

Cardano’s Price Falling Drastically: Is It Time to Sell ADA? Cardano has suffered heavy losses in terms of market capitalization but remains on track to release new updates. Since ADA’s core development is devoid of market value, the Altcoin development is on-track. The recently released Alonzo upgrade has worked wonders on ADA’s fundamental growth. Cardano … Read more

Cardano Reflects Sideways Amidst 8-Month Long Downtrend

Cardano Reflects Sideways Amidst 8-Month Long Downtrend Cardano blockchain and its native cryptocurrency ADA was the brainchild of an ex-ETH co-founder, who ventured into this blockchain to overcome the limitations of Ethereum blockchain. Current developments on ADA are not just limited to its protocol development and improvements in translation speeds. ADA has partnered with decentralized … Read more

Cardano Stumbles Below $1; Can ADA Retake the Crown Levels?

When it comes to market leaders in the cryptocurrency space, Cardano is one of the names that made its presence known to the entire world in 2021. Since moving up above $1 levels, ADA has been periodically breaching its previous highs and presenting itself as a replacement for the decade-old protocol-based cryptocurrencies such as BTC … Read more

Cardano Is Standing at a Strong Support Level

Along with his former colleague, Charles Hoskinson started the Cardano project in 2015. It uses proof of stake consensus known as Ouroboros. On the other hand, Ethereum relies on proof of work consensus. Indeed Cardano is more eco-friendly and sustainable, while Ethereum is more energy-intensive. Developers divided the project into five stages: foundation, decentralization, smart … Read more

Cardano (ADA) Is a Buy on 2022 Network Growth Plans

Cardano is a cryptocurrency that focuses on becoming a new standard of crypto design and PoS implementation. 2021 was an eventful year for Cardano because it achieved many milestones. Last year, it was recognized within the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and added smart contracts functionality with the Alonzo hard fork update. Cardano has a … Read more

Cardano shows early signs of halting the downtrend it has been on, since September

Cardano formed a series of equal lows at the $1.2 support level. Despite multiple tests of this support, the buyers had not crumbled, and in recent days they were actually able to push prices above a lower timeframe, descending triangle pattern. The price of Cardano has contracted near the $1.2 lows for three weeks now, … Read more

Cardano (ADA): Preparing for a Bullish Run in 2022!

There are different digital currencies in the market, but Cardano is one of the leading currencies in the crypto world. It is also known as Japanese Ethereum. Experts believe it is one of the most undervalued cryptos in the list of top 10 cryptos. This year, the value of the ADA has skyrocketed. Even in … Read more

Cardano (ADA) Shows Recovery but Struggles Around $1.5

Cardano’s price has taken a bullish momentum after the plunge of December 4. Investors are hoping for a higher high to change the bearish momentum. It may consolidate in this range.  Last week Cardano price crashed more than 25%, now it has bounced up to create a support level of around $1.38. It helps ADA … Read more

Cardano (ADA) Takes Support to Breach the $2.40 Resistance Level

Despite holding on to the fourth position, Cardano faces stiff competition from Tether and Solana, which are trading with a market capitalization of $73 billion compared to that of ADA of $74 billion. Comparing the price over the last two months, ADA is certainly in a bad spot with 12% negative returns on the charts. … Read more