Cardano layer-2 solution, Hydra to improve scalability among other things

Ever since the Alonzo hard fork took place on the Cardano network earlier this month, its developers have been on their toes to maximize its smart contract functionality. While its commercial arm EMURGO had announced the development of a DeFi platform on Cardano last week, its development team Input Output HK (IOHK) has now revealed … Read more

GeroWallet’s Secret Weapon: The Hydra Scalability Solution

GeroWallet May 13·2 min read Cryptocurrencies were invented to replace the traditional financial system.However, the slow transaction rates of Bitcoin, and the high gas fees of Ethereum, have severely hindered adoption. Visa processes approximately 1700 transactions per second (TPS), however most early blockchains can only process at 1% of that speed. The Cardano Foundation has … Read more