Cardano’s TVL, wallets holding ADA rise but will it help the token

Cardano, as per CoinMarketCap, appeared to be trading at a vital support level that has attracted many buyers. As long as it continues to hold that level, ADA has a chance of rebounding toward $1. At least that’s what ADA proponents are saying. One might wonder what exactly is backing up these bullish narratives? Here’s … Read more

Here’s why AI companies are betting on Cardano for long-term gains

The Cardano network’s heightened development over the past few months has been marked with several important partnerships. Among them is also the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a sector that can benefit greatly from blockchains. According to AI researcher Dr. Ben Goertzel, Cardano’s development arm IOHK is ‘very thorough and careful’ when it comes to … Read more

Cardano introduces ERC-20 converter testnet with AI tokens for trial

ERC-20 tokens have been going places for some time now. However, at this point in time, they’re a step closer to going native on Cardano. At press time, the sixth-biggest blockchain by market cap had some big news to share, courtesy of its developer arm IOHK. Time for a test Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson revealed … Read more