Can Bitcoin start competing with smart contract platforms? (CRDNS pool) Jan 27 · 11 min read · It is said that Bitcoin’s mission is to become the digital gold or money of the internet. Thus, Bitcoin does not directly compete with smart contract platforms such as Ethereum or Cardano. The platforms allow third-party developers to build financial and other applications. Many experts … Read more

Cardano will help tokenize the economy of the future (CRDNS pool) Jul 27 · 7 min read Modern technology is changing the way people interact. Blockchain will have a significant impact on changing business models in the next 20 years. Cryptocurrencies will be used for payments. The question is whether these will be native coins of individual projects or stablecoins. Cardano can play … Read more

Liqwid to Integrate Djed, a Cardano-based Algorithmic Stablecoin Powered by COTI

Liqwid Finance Mar 17 · 2 min read We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Djed, Cardano’s first algorithmic stablecoin. Built by the brilliant COTI developers, Djed uses smart contracts to ensure price stabilization, and the utilization of the stablecoin for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. It functions by keeping a reserve of base … Read more

WingRiders is provably secure DEX on Cardano (CRDNS pool) Mar 17 · 6 min read The WingRiders source code has been audited by the renowned security company CERTIK. Let’s explain why a security audit is important, how it is performed, and most importantly, what was the result. How the financial world works Today’s financial world is centralized and regulated. This means … Read more

Liqwid DAO Interim Governance

Liqwid Finance · Follow Mar 1 · 3 min read At Liqwid Labs we feel strongly that building a community-led DeFi protocol must be reflected in all aspects of system operations. Community contributions (content, infrastructure, product), permissionless governance participation and ownership should represent this bottom up vision to the extent possible before the launch of … Read more

Interview with the WingRiders team (CRDNS pool) · Follow Feb 11 · 6 min read After the IOG team released a hard-fork supporting Plutus scripts, the Cardano ecosystem became very lively. Developers are exploring the eUTxO model and building new applications. We talked to WingRiders developers who are building a decentralized exchange. [Cardanians] Can you introduce the project and … Read more

What does it mean for Cardano to be a platform? (CRDNS pool) Just now·21 min read Cardano has entered the Goguen era in 2021 with it becoming a smart contracts platform. This brings many benefits and the potential is tremendous, but it requires some caution from users. Let’s explain what the platform is and what it means for users. TLDR: A platform is a … Read more

How to Swap tokens on SundaeSwap (CRDNS pool) Just now·6 min read SundaeSwap DEX runs on Cardano test-net. We bring you a tutorial on how to try out the token swap. We’ll show you how to prepare a Nami wallet (without HW wallet support), connect it to the SundaeSwap test-net and do a simple swap of tokens. The Nami Wallet … Read more

Liqwid & Indigo Partnership

Liqwid Finance Just now·4 min read We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership to the community this week — Liqwid and Indigo will be joining forces to offer the following features to Cardano DeFi users: iAsset stablecoin & synthetic asset (e.g. iUSD / iBTC) lending & borrowing on the Liqwid protocol. qToken stablecoin (e.g. … Read more