Philippines First NFT Resort will be in Siargao Island, Giving Holders Exclusive Perks

What is Siargao Villa NFT? Air Media NFT Group, an end-to-end Web3 NFT Marketing Studio, has successfully tied up with G Villas Siargao to transform it into the very first Web3 Resort using NFTs.  It’s a community-owned project fractionalized into rewarding timeshare (RTS) NFTs, transforming the way investors build their diversified portfolio, with access to … Read more

Orange Comet Announces AMC’s ‘Interview with the Vampire’ Immortal NFT Pass, Minting December 8th on Opensea

Anne Rice’s epic novel ‘Interview with the Vampire’, reimagined by AMC, is ready to cast its irresistible shadow over the blockchain. Web3 entertainment studio Orange Comet has released details of the Immortal Pass, to be minted on December 8th, 2022 on OpenSea.  The pass comes in three (3) rarities and transports holders into the immortal … Read more

Sir Geoff Hurst Launches NFTs for Alzheimer’s Research

World Cup legend Sir Geoff Hurst’s debut NFT collection ‘The Everlasting Memory’ is now available on Rarible. The open edition collection is on sale now, and will raise funds for two charities close to Sir Geoff’s heart, Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Alzheimer’s Society. ­­­­The NFTs represent recollections of England’s famous World Cup victory over West Germany … Read more

VOLYR – Capturing Moments in Humankind’s Storyline

Web3 will rebalance the power dynamics between users and platforms by enabling individuals and creators to have unprecedented ownership over their own data and content. VOLYR’s mission is to contribute to this journey by driving mass adoption of Web3 solutions by a wider audience.  VOLYR are a team of engineers, entrepreneurs, independent journalists and Web3 … Read more

THE LARGEST NFT contest on the Relictum NFT Marketplace

Relictum NFT Marketplace is a celebrity at the dawn of the NFT era! Relictum ecosystem is a powerful set of products and advanced technologies available for everyone in one app and designed for implementing tasks of any complexity and bold ideas of blockchain technology. After the buzz in the blockchain market, Relictum has gained respect … Read more