Digital Village on VeChain Raises $4 Million for Scalable Metaverse

Metaverse developer Digital Village has raised $4 million in funding with significant investment from L’Oréal’s venture capital fund BOLD and the British Fashion Council. Partnering with VeChain (VET), Digital Village ‘is building a scalable, sustainable and collectively prosperous metaverse.’ After announcing the news, the VET price was up 2% to $0.021 a price not seen … Read more

VeChain NFT Used To Monetize Inventory On Blockchain

A VeChain NFT was used to monetize inventory on the blockchain, marking the first transaction of its kind. The NFT mint is part of an initiative that will see creditworthy businesses raise capital without debt. This will happen by monetizing their inventory on the blockchain. The mint, worth about 1.5 million euros, took place towards … Read more

VeChain Blockchain and VeChain NFTs

VeChain is a layer-1 enterprise blockchain ecosystem focused on supply chain tracking. As such, its common use cases include provenance, authenticity, anti-counterfeiting, and digital assurance solutions for the food and beverage industry as well as luxury products.   The company has recently announced a multi-year sponsorship agreement worth $100 million with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Another partner is Alchemy Pay, a … Read more

Cardano, Synthetix, VeChain Price Analysis: 07 September

Quite a few altcoins in the market experienced bearish momentum. The likes of Cardano, Synthetix and VeChain noted a decline on their respective charts. Cardano fell by 2.5% and was expecting to rest near its support zone of $2.49. Synthetix traded right above its support level of $12.49 and threatened to fall below it over … Read more

Cardano, Litecoin, VeChain Price Analysis: 30 August

Following the market-wide trend of consolidation, the altcoin industry also witnessed the same price sentiments. ADA, for instance, started to depict range-bound movement after hitting an all-time high, a few days ago. Litecoin recorded a minor dip of 3.3%, while eyeing the $161.90 support line as buying pressure lost strength. Lastly, VeChain remained consolidated within … Read more

Dogecoin, XRP, VET, Ravencoin: Which alts present a good buying opportunity

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest cryptocurrencies are the most attractive investments. But with prices touching $46,071 and $3,232, it becomes difficult for everyone to actually invest in them.  So the question is what alternative coins can be the right investment and if their popularity is justifiable based on their performance?  Affordable altcoins? Simply put, … Read more

Ethereum, Cardano and VeChain and alts: Find out about ‘where the massive gains are made’

Altcoins have been looked upon as a safe bet should Bitcoin turn to be expensive to trade. Recently these “safe” altcoins have not been making fair gains either. A lot of reasons tell us the why, but those reasons are in the past. Those reasons cannot tell you where the major altcoins are headed. However, … Read more